Content worth paying for

This sight isn’t just about promoting what’s free to share and source, it’s also about good journalism.

In fact, that’s what it’s mostly about.

More clearly, it’s about encouraging and promoting good journalism through whatever means necessary. And some of the best comes at a price, but a price worth paying.

You see, it takes time, energy and resources to produce good journalism, and we all need money to survive. So supporting the efforts of good journalists, through donations or subscriptions, is a worthy cause indeed.

Your money goes into producing more good journalism, which we all need.

So below are some examples of places where you can find excellent journalism (most of the time anyway) and charge for the service they provide. Take a look, consider getting a subscription, even if you don’t read that publication everyday, because it goes to a good cause, and maybe you will enjoy reading it everyday 😉

News providers worth subscribing to:

The New York Times

It costs $15 a month for digital subscription on smartphones, $20 on tablets and $35 for full access. They have a running special where the first month is only $.99 so you can give it a try. This pricing is for the United States. Teachers and colleges can get a 50 percent discount.


You get a 1-year subscription, or 53 issues for $30 or you can pay $2.99 a month.

News organizations worth donating to:

National Public Radio

How to give NPR a tax-deductible donation.

Try their shop to support programing.


Give ProPublica a tax-deductible donation.


*Note – this list is a work in progress, check back soon for more.


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