Meanwhile in North Korea

NKHiddenGulag_DavidHawk(2 NKHiddenGulag_DavidHawk(2

Report on Camp 22 in North Korea

You may have seen articles popping up about the approximately 20,000 North Korean people missing from a closed work camp. The missing people may have died of starvation, possibly a mass execution.

They were housed at Camp 22, which was reportedly closed. Human rights activists collected satellite imagery of several thousand prisoners being transported to other camps, but about 20,000 never left Camp 22, which is larger than Los Angeles and was just one of many such camps.

Perhaps we need more stories about the fact that North Korea even has these camps, where some of the prisoners were born and raised, and never convicted of anything. Accounts from escapees and former guards are horrendous, rape, torture, murder, child labor, you name it. And what North Korea is doing isn’t a war time tactic like in Syria, this is just how they roll every day.

See the link above for the report that all the reporters are basing their stories on, it was commissioned by the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea.


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